Collection Vitality

The idea behind the collection "Vitality" came from one of my biggest sources of inspiration: water.

Water fascinates me. The movement, the explosive force, the constant search for new paths, the gentle flow. There is an energetic drive and courage but also calmness and harmony.

The water expression changes depending on the movement. Its shape can be organic, straggly and unexpected, but there is also a recurrence, an alignment in the water that brings back the order. I like the contrasts between this form of life force and boundaries. It creates a balance.

My interpretation of water has resulted in four different patterns, offered as fabric piece goods, couch pillows, floor cushions and postcards. The fabrics are made of linen, wool and velvet. Linen and wool are not only fantastic nature materials, but are also beautiful and durable. The velvet is soft and pleasant but also very vibrant. The wool and velvet combined in the floor cushions create an intriguing contrast between the colors of the velvet and the calm and earthy wool. This makes the piece burst with vitality yet stays serene, creating a perfect balance.


Vitality 580 px bred_131218-2

Frukost och vykort på grön Flow-bricka_580px bred

sovrum m Vitality_580px bred

Blå Growingbricka m golftidn_580px bred

Vitality_580 px bred_1227-10

Vitality 580 px bred_131218-6

Vitality_580 px bred_131218-19


Vitality_580 px bred_1227-15

Vitality_580 px bred_1227-14

utst. Hemslöjden_proj Vatten_580px bred


utst på Hemslöjden bild3_580px bred